Kaneza Schaal is a New York City based artist and performer.



JACK & JILL is a multimedia comedy of errors. A performance of social codes, the production is structured around active and passive social training from prison re-entry programs to debutante balls. Using the writings of Psychiatrist R.D. Laing, JACK & JILL is a duet for two actors ensnared in dialogue exchanges that become mental tongue twisters, and draw on infamous comedy duos with artists such as Buster Keaton, Elaine May, and Flip Wilson.

Created by Kaneza Schaal in collaboration with Cornell Alston, the piece is built to be technologically flexible and presented in disparate venues. JACK & JILL aims to integrate diverse audiences that would otherwise not find themselves in the same room. Schaal and Alston's mutual commitment to experimentation in theater brought them to this their second long-term collaboration.

Schaal and Alston's previous research has considered the performance demands of being in prison, how these languages are stored in the body, and their effect on the process of re-entry to society after prison. Using new Seaboard sensor technology they continue their investigation of how we store our performance histories and push the boundary of how sound can be integrated with bodies in live performance.

From truth & reconciliation commissions, to the prison crisis in the United States, to questions of immigration and migration, the twenty first century has demanded and provided new models for how to train and un-train humans to successfully co-exist. JACK & JILL entertains the impasses, whirlpools, and complexities of this training.

Production History

Park Avenue Armory Residency (November-December 2016)